Kokopellis Wellness

D. Hill, Orange County, CA

I purchased the ear coning candles, the neti pot and the emu oil. I could not be happier with the products than I am right now.
The candles performed exactly as you described. I tested my hearing with the TV volume before and after using them two times on each ear. I was able to lower the volume control setting from number 26 to number 16!!! It is so nice to not blast my wife with the loud volume anymore.
The emu oil has worked wonders on a callous that I had tried so many other products on for years. Nothing else has softened it like the oil did, and I expect the area to be normal over time, based on the one week’s results I have seen. I have also begun using it under my eyes as you suggested and, as unrealistic as this sounds, I have already seen and been told that I look as much as ten years younger. This is also after one week’s usage.
I enjoyed talking with you. You are knowledgeable about your products and made me feel comfortable about trying them. I will buy more when necessary, and am looking into your other products to see how they might help improve my health and comfort on a daily basis.
Thanks, Tim for your help and for the service that you have provided to my wife and me.

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