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Jan Tarrant – Brighton, IL.

I Just have to tell you that your Emu Oil is unbelievable. I was at the swap meet in California and was having problems with my face shocking. I have had this problem for 1 1/2 years. My dentist was treating me for TMJ after a year of pain and a tooth pulled to help with the pain I went to my neurologist that I go to for M.S. he told me that I had Trigeminal Neuralgia making my right side of my face shock all of the time. I have been taking Lyrica for about a month I have still been shocking but not as often I had lost 15 lbs. with this and I can’t hardly brush my teeth. We saw the sign for Emu Oil and decided to stop and see what Tim had. He told me to put this on my wrinkles on my face and come back. I asked about my problem with my face as I had not been able to eat for three days because of more shocking. He said again put it on and try it. I did and walked around the stand for just a few minutes and to my amazement I was not shocking. I bought the small roller the 8 0z. bottle, soap and a couple of other things. I have had a few shocks in my face but after 10 to 12 hours and I know it time to put some on. It only takes a small amount but wow it works. My son put it on his hip his pain went away. I am in hopes that my letter will encourage more people to use this. Please send more info to me.

Thank you so much,

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