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I’ve been using the Emu oil on my right hand because I’ve noticed I have what they call “basal” cell carcinoma”. A small patch, the size of a pea. It’s been there for a good year or so, and it started to get more thick since I’ve been in the sun more lately. Anyway, I was going to go to the Derm doctor, but after using the oil for 2 days I’ve noticed a difference in my hand. It’s clearing up, and the bump has disappeared. You can still tell where it was ’cause it’s still a little pink in color. I’ve been using it now since May 21 and making progress! It would be nice for it to completely be gone…but we’ll see…I’ll give it more time and see what happens.
Plus I am using it on my face, and I am getting compliments that my skin looks so NICE! Awesome. Love this oil, and I am telling some of my coworkers about it to!
Thank you.

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