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The Best Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher I have ever tested!
  • High-tech micro multi level filtration increases pH level; filters contaminants
  • ALKALINE filtration promotes anti oxidant properties; increases immunity energy levels vitality
  • Hydrogen micro-clustering filtration improves overall hydration
  • Modern design; food grade BPA Free AS; smart lid digital filter monitor insure convenience in use
  • Save Money filtering 300 Liters of water per cartridge each one saves up to 500 bottles.
Using Your Kokopellis Water Pitcher
     – Remove filter from the foil bag.
     – Soak the new filter in cold water for 15 minutes.
     – Install the filter in the reservoir and press firmly into place to make sure no water can seep along
       the outside of the filter.
     – Fill the reservoir with cold water and wait for the water to be filtered into the pitcher. Pout away the
       (black) filtered water and repeat this process twice to rinse away loose activated carbon particles.         This may take a while. Now your water is clear and ready for consumption.
     – Set the indicator
      Note: Never use hot water. Fill the pitcher by pouting water on the side of the reservoir instead of on
      top of the filter. You will note that the water is filtered very slowly. This is normal because this what       is so unique about the filter: It slowly releases the minerals in the water increasing the PH.
Setting The Life Indicator
     – Press and hold the button until the symbols appear on the display. Release the button. The
       indicator is now ready for use.
     – When installing a new filter you should also reset the indicator by holding the button for at least 15
       seconds until the display reads 60 (days) again.
     – To deactivate the display: hold the button for several seconds, then release. No more symbols
       should be displayed.
Care For Your Kokopellis Wellness Pitcher
     – The lid should preferably be placed on top of the reservoir.
     – Store the spare filter in the original foil packaging in a cool and dry environment.
     – Do not place the filter directly under running water. Always use cold water.
     – After a while the water may appear somewhat cloudy. This is due to mineral deposits that settle at
       the bottom of the pitcher. Clean the pitcher (not the filter!) with mild soap and the pitcher is once
       again ready for use.
     – Avoid dehydration of the filter by filling it to the brim every night before you go to bed or if you won’t        be using it for several days.
     – Minimize exposure of the filter to direct sunlight or to extreme heat for long periods of time.
     – In exceptional cases  the filter may get clogged by grains that become lodged at the bottom of the        filter. Take care of the problem by tapping the filter repeatedly.
     – To guarantee optimum quality of your drinking water we recommend replacing the filter at regular    
       intervals ( every 2 to 3 months ). It is best to use the time indicator correctly for this purpose.
Give New Life To Your Filter
     Your filter has a life of approx. 300 liters of water. The indicator counts down from 60 days to 0.
     Every 15 days one bar disapears from the indicator. After 60 days all bars are gone and the number
     0 will blink on the indicator to remind you that the filter needs replacing. For optimum results we    
     recommend replacing the filer every 2 to 3 monts.
Replacing The Filter
    – Remove and throw away the old filter.
    – Install the new filter in the reservoir.
    – Reset the indicator.

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Weight 36 oz
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Pitcher (1 filter included) $59.95, 2 Pitchers $99.95, Pitcher + 3 extra filters $109.95, Pitcher + 6 extra filters $149.95

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