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Rick Springfield – Grammy-winning artist for smash hit “Jessie’s Girl”

Grammy-winning rock artist, Rick Springfield, who hit the big time with his hit song “Jessie’s Girl” has been a long time user of the Tyent 9090 Turbo and says:

“We think your water treatment “thingee” is great.”

Then, when Mr. Springfield first heard about the Tyent Under the Counter 9000T he said:

“A friend of ours says that they have one of the Tyent units that fits under their sink and has an iPhone-type control panel on top so that you don’t see the unit and it drains right into the sink. Is this a real deal?”

Yes! It is in fact the real deal Mr. Springfield, and we love it too. Once his UCE unit was installed in his home, he emailed us a picture and let us know how much he liked his new Tyent UCE 9000T and told us:

“The Tyent unit is awesome!!!”

We think so too, and thanks so much for the picture!

“Overall, we use Tyent Water in our home for everything! I’m a big believer that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment, so our environment is as alkaline as we can make it thanks to the Tyent alkaline water that we drink and cook with.”