Kokopellis Wellness

Sandra X – Murrieta CA

I have been to the Doctors for years; it has taken a long time to find out what was wrong with me. I have been sent to the Lab to draw blood so many times and see many different doctors about my Diabetes; my high blood pressure was also high. I have to take so many different medications that doctor prescribed me. I told my doctor when I get low sugar I am very tired my hands are num I see the building spin around me and I almost fall down in the restroom so many times I have the doctor give me a note to give to my supervisor because I cannot work in a fast station and I told my supervisor when I got low sugar I have to eat candy or sugar to get my blood sugar levels back to normal.
On November 15-2009 I was shopping around at Tom Farm’s I saw a women selling Organic products, I buy the Kokopellis Wellness Green I put in my water bottle shake it and drink and I boil hot water and put some Greens in it everyday once a day for two week to get inside my system and after two week I ask my self did I eat candy yesterday and today so next day I did not eat candy at all I didn’t know it. Wow amazing, I feel stronger I feel very excellence. The Kokopellis Wellness Green is unbelievable. So I don’t have to take Medication from the doctor. The Kokopellis Green is Organic; the medication from doctor will affect my liver. The Kokopellis Greens has no side effects. Thank you very much!

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