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My Testimonial

My Testimonial!!

Five years ago my left eye was going blind and could not figure it out. On top of that, I was falling down in excruciating pain that most could not endure. The pain finally became so unbearable that I went to the doctor’s office. They did a lot of tests and advised me to have laser eye surgery. I was about to go “under the knife” when I realized that my vision had been getting better due to my consumption of alkaline water. I never got the laser eye surgery and my vision got better simply from my consumption of my water and chlorophyll and THE MAN UPSTAIRS!

However, that was only a quarter of the miracle. I still had excruciating pain in my leg. I thought I needed back surgery based on what the doctors were telling me. L5 L4 fusion, I was told that the pain in my knee and leg was from a bulging disk that herniated and they said it was neuropathy going down my leg! I knew it was much more because the pain in leg was worse than in my back and my leg was constantly going numb.

Thankfully, months later, I changed insurance companies, and my new pain management doctor was able to send me to have an MRI done on my knee. So on February 26, 2011, the day before my birthday, my doctor called with heartbreaking news. She said that I have a tumor in my leg that grows out of the cartilage like the branch of a tree. The reason that the leg kept going numb was that there was no circulation due to tumor taking over. She ended up sending me to a specialist in Loma Linda California, who recommended that I should think about cutting my right leg off above my knee so that the cancer wouldn’t grow back. Then I would have to go through chemo or radiation after surgery for the spots in my lung and skull and possibly if the tumor grows back in my leg.

I thought that my life was over and kept imaging myself hobbling around on one leg with three kids (at the time they were 6 months, 2 and 3 years old) and possibly death from cancer and or Chemotherapy or Radiation. This can’t be happening to me. I told the doctor that I was not going to cut my leg off, but I really did not see any other option. They told me that they would cut out the tumor and my bone but the chances of the tumor growing back were very high.

Now for the good news. I was researching alkalized water with a minus ORP and the positive effects on the body of pH with chlorophyll and minus ORP water (Oxidation Reduction Point) (Antioxidants). So I started carrying these products and using them as well for months prior. In March 2011, I had 9″ of fibula bone removed and cut my peroneal nerve as well as removed the tumor. I have two spots that metastasized to my skull and right side of lung. After my surgery I ate very little, but I drank Alkalized water with a minus ORP (Oxidation Reduction Point) (Antioxidants) and Kokopellis Whole Food Greens (Chlorophyll) along with a lot of rest! The oncology doctor told me in a direct and negative way that I would have to do immediately do chemotherapy and or radiation.

Went I got home I started looking into different options like proton therapy and other Doctors that specialized in my rare cancer but something kept telling me that I was doing was good, and that my body was feeling well. I kept drinking the alkaline water. 9.5- 10 pH with a minus OR (Oxidation Reduction Point), Kokopellis Wellness Whole Food Greens (Chlorophyll) along with a lot of rest and a little juicing (Gerson Theory)

I went back to the doctor after doing my own physical therapy and they found no trace of cancer in my knee, skull or lungs. To this day I am CANCER FREE and WALKING AROUND! There are no signs of cancer anywhere. I truly believe that it was the alkaline water. with chlorophyll along with a lot of rest and A LOT of help from the man upstairs!

In 2013 I finally had my back surgery L5 L4 fusion and again I did my own physical therapy as well as alkaline water. 9.5- 10 pH with a minus OR (Oxidation Reduction Point), Kokopellis Wellness Whole Food Greens (Chlorophyll) along with a lot of rest.

Here are photos from my cancer treatment:

Leg with a scar.
X-Ray of my femur
Leg healed
X-Ray of my ribs

Here are photos from my back surgery (L4 and L5 fused):

X-Ray of my pelvis and lower back
X-Ray of my spine
X-Ray of my spine
Fuck Cancer

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