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 Just want to thank you and your company for its amazing products. My husband was suffering from a bad ear infection and refused to go to the doctor. We happened to be at the Orange county marketplace (swap meet) and saw the ear candles, so I said why not try them. So we did not really sure what to expect (worst case, they don’t work) well we get home follow the instructions the gentlemen told us and can I just say eeww… Omg I mean I expected a little wax maybe but seriously there were chunks of wax, water and even an ant! Amazingly his ear was instantly better, he said the pressure was gone and so was the pain. So of course I had to try… Eww again. I felt I difference in my ears and my sinus’. We are now hooked and will be treating our kids with one ear candle set each to help with their sinus and ear issues. Thank you !!! Our family will be purchasing many more products.

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