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The Velaqua Purified Water System

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1. Filters – Ceramic filter rated at 0.2 – 0.9 microns provides the first line of defense as it traps contaminants, keeping bacteria and spores from entering the system

2. Micro Clusters – Our proprietary Ion-Infused Ceramic Disc ionizes water as it passes through. Ionization breaks tap water molecules from 12 -14 down to 4-6 molecules

3. Energizes – In addition to our energy-infused ceramic disc, we’ve added natural minerals with bio-energy health giving properties such as Tourmaline and Far-Infrared producing bio-energized water

4. Mineralizes – The top chamber contains health giving minerals such as Tourmaline, Far-Infrared and Zeolite. When water passes through, it absorbs the myriad of health giving minerals contained within these three natural earth minerals

5. Alkalizes – Among other minerals, the bottom chamber contains our proprietary natural mineral to increase the alkalinity level in your tap water. Alkaline water created from natural sources have been known to yield various health benefits

6. Ionizes – Another proprietary mineral in the bottom chamber is specifically used to naturally increase the level of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in water which is also known to be beneficial when consumed

7. Purifies – Organic Coconut Fiber Carbon infused with Colloidal Silver provides the last water purification process in the bottom chamber before water flows out to the storage tank and consumed. Carbon is widely used worldwide to purify water and Colloidal Silver is a known and effective antiseptic


Without water there is no life.

It would follow then that both the make-up and properties of water are vital to the health and sustainability of all life on earth…be it plant, reptile, fish or mammal.

The importance of quality water to the body is what medical science has spelled out in the composition of the body, measuring water content percentages of the following:

  • Body 70%
  • Blood 85%
  • Brain 80%
  • Muscles 75%
  • Cells 90%

Therefore it is obvious that consumption of water is vital to one’s health. For optimum health it is suggested that one drink in ounces one-half of body weight. I.e., if a person weighs 150 pounds, 75 ounces of water should be drunk daily.

Medical science also has learned that at birth, a healthy baby is born in a homeostasis state – that is with pH levels ranging higher on the alkaline side of the scale (above 7.2 pH – power of hydrogen).

NOTE: Devised in 1909 by Danish chemist Soron Peder Lauritz Sonensen, with 7 being neutral, the pH scale ranges from 0 acidic to alkaline 14.

It is also medically known that as a person proceeds through life, one descends on that scale to a more acidic state.

The rate and rapidity of that decent is determined by lifestyles and diet. Upon death a person has descended into full acidosis.

A major challenge facing the world today is that sources of pristine water have declined and because of contamination, the only choice, if one resides in a third-world county, is to contend with foul water, resulting in high mortality or, in the case of more advanced countries, it is to “purify” and/or chemically ”treat” water.

In fact, it is estimated 80% of the inception of all illnesses and disease is caused by unclean water.

Herein lies the rub.

In the case of third-world countries there is a desperate need for a means to clean water. In the case of the rest of the world, while “clean” the silent threat has become how water has been treated.

Bottled water has become a multi-billion dollar industry. However, when tested, the majority of brands are found to be wanting in benefits to one’s health.

Reverse osmosis strips water of life supporting minerals and in essence becomes “dead water.”

On the other hand, regional and local governments hard pressed for sources of potable water, resort to chemical treatment, adding as many as 200 different chemicals. To preserve the local infrastructure in some cases, lye is added to prevent pipes from rusting.

While lye provides a high pH level, it certainly is questionable as it relates to body health.

Velara Global has developed and through research and development, continues to improve a viable and inexpensive solution for all the world population.

Mimicking nature and utilizing a proprietary mix of natural ingredients, the company has developed a way to convert present day water in a manner created by God –naturally and gravitationally filtering tap water that supports good health.

Carbon is used worldwide to purify water and Colloidal Silver is used as an effective anti-septic.

When you are interested in purchasing a product which provides healthful alkaline, antioxidant and ionized water, then you may ask yourself about alternatives, about the other choices in the marketplace.

How would you make comparisons with the various options which provide alkaline water?

VELAQUA: A New Solution

Velara’s proprietary Energy Infusion Technology fortifies your Velaqua water with essential rare earth minerals that produce water with remarkable health benefits:

Super Cellular Hydration – Assists the body in rebuilding Incredible Antioxidant Source
Supports healthy aging
Powerful Anti-inflammatory – Reduces free radical activity
Creates High Alkalinity – Transforms water’s pH level to 9.5 naturally
Makes Micro-Clustered Water-More easily absorbed by cells

The Financial Puzzle: What To Pay For Which Product

There are some well known high end price products to choose from, some mid-level, and some even lower. You need to look at your own needs, your budget, and the various options which each provide.

The Enagic products which produce what is known as Kangen Water, provide five different types of water, and the Flagship models are priced from approximately $4,000 to $4,300.

There are dozens of other competitive products available at different price points.

What is important to consider is the amazing price of the new Velaqua water enhancement system, which is available for a retail price of just $299. This makes it eminently possible for most consumers to purchase. Plus, even many who have Kangen water units or other brands may want to add this unit to their households, so that they can easily supply healthful water in other parts of the house or have a unit to take on vacation trips, etc. Try it and enjoy the benefits.

The Natural Solution: Using Gravity, Not Electricity

When evaluating the Velaqua water system, it is important to see the differences and benefits which are offered: Consider:

Peace of mind knowing where your water comes from
An affordable system that delivers priceless water
It’s portable. You can take it anywhere
Uses only gravity and natural minerals without electricity, plumbing or chemicals

Buy the Velaqua Purified Water System